Today it snowed so much, and also last night it must have been really windy, because our tarp on our straw blew off and made our straw all wet and it had a whole bunch of snow on it. The next morning, we couldn't find the tarp, because it was covered under the snow. There was so much snow that I could make a small snow fort.

It was still snowing the next morning for pretty much the whole morning, and then it stopped, and the goats and the chickens didn't come out until it stopped snowing. Then they came out.  The chickens that were hatched in the spring never really have seen snow. Also, ten pullets are laying. Yesterday we got a dozen eggs.

Our buck, Siabonga, is a very nice buck. And also, our cat, Cali, will not go into the goat house because of Siabonga because she's scared of him, so we have to feed her outside where he doesn't come.

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