Why did the chicken cross the road?
To get to your house.

Knock knock.
Who's there?
The chicken.

Today is a sunny, warm day, and I helped my mom chop wood. My job was to load the cart, and when we are at the woodshed I pass the pieces to her. Right now the leaves are all orange and yellow, and it was warm enough to have lunch outside. Our chicken Snowy always comes out of the fence and walks around the yard, but she never runs away. She is lonely now that her best friend Ginger is gone, and she is the bottom of the flock. 
I made soap today. It was my first time to see soap being made. All you need to do to make soap is put coconut oil, olive oil, beef fat, lye, and milk or water. I got to stir the melting fats. We put in calendula petals and lemongrass essential oil.
Today I was watching my mom trimming goats' hooves and the chickens running in and getting the goat hoof pieces from the ground. I decided to go over to my friend's place. When I got there, my friend's dad had shot a deer. He was going to butcher it. When I first got there, it was hanging from a tree. It had all the skin on, but all its guts were taken out. He had to skin it still. My friend really wanted to watch, and I did, too. So I decided to stay and watch. 
I held a chickadee today on my glove. But I had to put sunflower seeds on my hand.
Today we saw a moose on the road. She had a calf with her, and she was trying to go to the Nechako River, but her calf was still in the forest, so she was worried about it. We tried to get a picture of it, but the picture didn't turn out very good. Then the moose went back into the forest. We also had a calf stuck in our yard in the spring, and we were wondering if the calf could be the same one that got stuck in our yard. 

Last night, our chicken got eaten by a fox. Our neighbour heard a lot of squawking in his yard, and he found a lot of feathers. We figured out that our chicken Ginger got eaten. She didn't go to the chicken coop at bedtime, and that's how she got eaten by the fox.
On Monday we moved some chickens into our bigger chicken coop. They were 10 young pullets who hadn't started laying. As soon as we moved them there, right the next day one started laying. It was a very small brown egg. Pullet eggs are always small at first.